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Offering a website with information about specific volunteer opportunities available to the public in order to assist their communities with the impact of COVID-19.


Offering a volunteer connection website with information about potential volunteer opportunities in California. Those who complete an intake form on the site will have their information shared with local agency partners during the COVID-19 Pandemic and any other proclaimed emergency through 2022. Applicants must have internet access to volunteer. Volunteer opportunities will vary based on local partnership availability.

Please Note: Those who fill out the form are providing consent to share their information with agency partners through Californians for All during this emergency, or ANY other proclaimed emergency through 2022.

Online here:

Offering volunteer opportunities to young Californians and Educators over the 2020 summer, the State Superintendent in partnership with First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom and the State Board of Education will promote a new collaborative online campaign, the Social and Emotional Learning Campaign- that will allow educators to not only share their current strategies, but participate in conversations with students and their families throughout the state, to impact social and emotional learning decisions moving forward.


For more information and to participate, send an email to:

Offers an online platform to search for volunteer opportunities in Butte County.The site also functions as a place for nonprofits, faith-based groups, and government agencies to post and manage volunteer positions and events within their organization. Age eligibility requirements will vary based on participating organizations.

Sign-up online: or

Offering an online form where businesses or organizations may contribute resources, either for donation or purchase, to support California’s response to COVID-19.