Offering a website with information about specific volunteer opportunities available to the public in order to assist their communities with the impact of COVID-19.

Online: https://californiavolunteers.ca.gov/get-involved/covid-19/

Offering a volunteer connection website with information about potential volunteer opportunities in California. Those who complete an intake form on the site will have their information shared with local agency partners during the COVID-19 Pandemic and any other proclaimed emergency through 2022. Applicants must have internet access to volunteer. Volunteer opportunities will vary based on local partnership availability.

Please Note: Those who fill out the form are providing consent to share their information with agency partners through Californians for All during this emergency, or ANY other proclaimed emergency through 2022.

Online here: https://californiavolunteers.ca.gov/get-involved/covid-19/signup/

Offers an online platform to search for volunteer opportunities in Butte County.The site also functions as a place for nonprofits, faith-based groups, and government agencies to post and manage volunteer positions and events within their organization. Age eligibility requirements will vary based on participating organizations.

Sign-up online:  volunteer.caring-choices.org/search


Offering free deliveries of groceries and other basic needs. Chico DSA will help get groceries, prescriptions or other supplies needed to stay safe during the COVID-19 outbreak. Deliveries are for elders, disabled, or those with other health issues.

Those interested in volunteering to distribute groceries and other basic needs items to seniors, disabled individuals, and those with health issues during the COVID-19 outbreak can contact the Democratic Socialists of America: Chico to volunteer. Volunteer coordination meetings are daily at 10am through Zoom. Casual debriefs occur in the evening. Volunteer training will involve an in-person walk-though of the sanitation protocol (i.e. bleaching down the vehicle, mask use, glove changes). 

All healthy adults (ages 18 and older) are welcome to volunteer with deliveries, volunteers can also help from help over the internet. Volunteer hours will vary, but deliveries are usually scheduled for midday.

Online here: https://www.facebook.com/dsachico/

For assistance or to volunteer call or text: 530-645-2028 or email: chicodsamutualaid@gmail.com

Offering a request form focused on assisting those affected by COVID-19. The North Valley Mutual Aid request form provides a list of possible services including: Deliveries (of groceries, medicine and other essentials), transportation, home-cooked meals and meal preparation, and more. For individuals located in Butte County/North Valley area affected by COVID-19 in need of assistance.

To access the North Valley Mutual Aid request form or to volunteer, please use the following link: http://bit.ly/2U1ryZc

Please Note: The information collected in this request form will be posted publicly within the community to a shared Google Doc so that individuals may contact those requesting assistance. Northern Valley Mutual Aid does not ask for names in order to maintain the privacy of those requesting assistance. There are no guarantees that all requests for aid will be met. North Valley Mutual Aid urges individuals to be responsible and use discretion when arranging services with others they have not met.

Offering an online form where businesses or organizations may contribute resources, either for donation or purchase, to support California’s response to COVID-19.

Online: https://covid19supplies.ca.gov/